OUE Twin Peaks Singapore Review

Why you should live at OUE Twin Peaks

OUE Twin Peaks is a leasehold located at 33 Leonie Hill Road in Singapore and near Orchard Road shopping center. It is a ninety nine year old building establishment and comprises of four hundred and sixty two apartment units in two thirty six floor towers. Bus service located at Airview Towers are also available to OUE Twin Peaks premises. OUE Twin Peaks also neighbors international institutions such as ISS International Elementary school and Swedish Supplementary Education School. OUE Twin Peaks is located strategically within a walking distance near restaurants and eateries along Orchard Road. Orchard Road is a shopping center that hosts supermarkets, banks and restaurants. This leasehold has various diverse facilities and amenities which gives you reasons as to why you should live at OUE Twin Peaks.

OUE Twin Peaks is located close to the Central Business District. This is an all smiles to vehicle owners since it’s a five to ten minute drive away through the Central Expressway and Clemenceau Avenue. This means faster access to offices and shopping centers. Bus service is readily available for those who prefer public means of transport. This service is also useful when one does not want to use his or her personal car.

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OUE Twin Peaks is located away from the busy town life in a suburb of its own. This is favorable to many since residents can enjoy a hustle free environment. This means that it is less noisy, greener landscape and less congestion.

For buyers, there are various interesting payment options. One bedroom units cost approximately 1.5 million dollars. A two bedroom unit goes for approximately 2.7 million dollars while a three bedroom unit costs around 3.8 million dollars. This per square foot is around 2,700 to 2,900 dollars. Buyers are offered a price discount alongside an option to pay using a Deferred Payment Scheme. This payment option is uncommon and unavailable to incomplete properties, however OUE Twin Peaks is complete therefore not subject to this restriction. The deferred payment scheme has two modes. In the first mode, the buyer pays twenty percent so as to preserve the Option to Purchase. They pay the remaining eighty percent together with relevant taxes by the end of the same year. In the second mode, buyers pay twenty percent and complete the remaining eighty percent together with relevant taxes in a span of two to three years. The title deed is presented to the buyer after all payment is completed. Under the second mode the discount is estimated to be twelve per cent. These payment options are very favorable to buyers since sufficient time is allowed for completing payment.

Take a look at the life you could be living at OUE Twin Peaks:


OUE Twin Peaks offers various facilities which can be enjoyed right at the premises. There is the swimming pool, gymnasium, spa, Jacuzzi as well as a rooftop bar service. This gives the OUE Twin Peaks its resort style. These facilities are useful for relaxing as well as carrying OUE hobby activities. This means that you don’t have to travel or hustle to have access to these facilities since they are hosted in house. The swimming pool has implemented swimming safety measures for children. OUE Twin Peaks is therefore a fully established self-contained community which has something for everyone, find out more at http://www-ouetwinpeaks.com.

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